Flex CAD by Motorola (Spillman)

Modified on Wed, 01 Dec 2021 at 09:17 AM

First Arriving's integration with Motorola's Flex CAD (Spillman) displays real-time dispatch information on your Digital Dashboards by obtaining incident details directly from the dispatch center.

Features Include:

  • Real-Time Call Information
    • Nature of Call
    • Address
    • Units Dispatched
    • Call Notes
  • Pending Calls (Pre-alert) 
    • Shows Nature of Call
    • Address (subject to change on dispatch)
    • Notes (subject to change on dispatch)
  • Turnout Timer
  • ETA and Distance 
  • Add custom alert sounds - Listen to examples
  • Maps which include Path from Station to scene, Google Street View and other mapping features
  • ESRI layers
  • Unit Status
  • Latest dispatches 

What We Need:

  • Confirm FLEX API is accessible
  • External IP Address to access FLEX API (Data Exchange) from outside
  • Port Number
  • Username and Password to access FLEX API
  • In order for incident mapping, we also need to know :
    • gbsfact
    • gbxfact
    • gbyfact

Example of integration on First Arriving Dashboards