Tyler Technologies, New World CAD

Modified on Wed, 10 Jan at 2:30 PM

First Arriving's integration with Tyler Technologies, New World Enterprise CAD Standard Exporter, allows your Unit Status be shown directly on the dashboards without the need for manual entry.  Having this information at a glance allows for improved situational awareness among all crews on shift. 

Features Include:

  • Show unit status on Dashboard, either :
    • Dedicated page within content rotation
    • Static on the dashboard (other content rotates)
    • Optional color coding for different statuses
  • Can display on either view :
    • Unit Name
    • Status (En Route, On Scene, Dispatched, etc..)
  • Can show units from neighboring department for additional awareness. 

What We Need:

  • Dispatch center utilizes Tyler New World CAD
  • Dispatch center has or is purchasing the New World Enterprise CAD Standard Exporter
  • Ability to send XML files to SFTP location provided by First Arriving
  • Please note that Data / API access could be an additional charge by the vendor.  This is determined by the vendor and not by First Arriving. 

Example of integration on First Arriving Dashboards