First Arriving's integration with Locution Systems expands your station alerting by displaying dispatch information to all of your connected dashboards in real-time!  In addition to showing your calls, you can also show all unit status for units within your department and even neighboring departments. 


Features Include:

  •  Real-Time Dispatch Information, which includes : 
    • Nature of Call
    • Address
    • Units Dispatched
    • Call notes
  • Unit Status
    • Unit Name
    • Status (Dispatched, Enroute, At Scene, etc..)
    • Last Know Location
    • Can be shown 24/7 or on a dedicated page
  • Choose from multiple alarm layouts found here
  • Turnout Timer (optional)
  • ETA and Distance to incident location from station viewing the Dashboard
  • Multiple mapping options found here
  • Pick and choose which alarm sound you want found here
  • Utilize your own Public or Private ESRI Layers

What We Need:

  • Current customer of Locution
  • Reach out to us at Dashboards@firstarriving.comexpressing your interest in utilizing Locution for real-time alarms and/or unit status. In addition, please have the below information available so that we can provide Locution as much information as possible.
    • Timezone of your department
    • Bounding box of Latitude and Longitude coordinates (North, South, East, West)
    • Mapping of your incident codes in a human readable description (VF -> Vehicle Fire,  7811 -> Building Rescue)
  • Please note that Data / API access could be an additional charge.  This is determined by the vendor.

Example of Locution on First Arriving Dashboards