iSpyFire - Alerting

Modified on Fri, 19 Jun 2020 at 10:37 AM

First Arriving's integration with iSpyFire brings their alerting capabilities to your Digital Dashboards! The integration also allows a pre-alert to display on the dashboard, altering crews that they could potentially be dispatched. This can provide an increase in response times!


Features Include:

  • Displays a Pre-Alert when call comes in
    • Pre-Alert is displayed on the screen to notify crews.
    • Nature of call is displayed
    • Address is displayed
  • When units are assigned, dashboard is updated to show:
    • Nature of Call
    • Address
    • Units dispatched
    • Details
    • Map options :
      • Map with path

      • Static or 360 Google Streetview

      • Overhead map with hydrant locations

What We Need:

  • Notify us that you use iSpyFire
  • We take care of the rest! 

Example of integration on First Arriving Dashboards