Microsoft Outlook 365

Modified on Wed, 18 Aug 2021 at 10:17 PM

First Arriving's integration with Microsoft Outlook 365 allows users to display their current Outlook calendars on to their First Arriving Dashboards.  

Features Include:

  •  Show calendars for:
    • Staffing
    • Upcoming Training
    • Upcoming Events
    • Upcoming PubEd Events
  • Chose between the following time ranges to show
    • Current day
    • One Week View 
    • Two Week View
    • Three Week View
    • Month View
  • Can have any of the views found for Google Calendar, found by clicking here

What We Need:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Tenant ID
  • Calendar User Email Address

Setup Instructions:

  • Sign into the Azure Portal with the relevant account.
  • If your account gives you access to more than one tenant, select your account in the top right corner, and set your portal session to the Azure AD tenant that you want.
  • In the left-hand navigation pane, select the Azure Active Directory service, and then select App registrations > New registration.
  • When the Register an application page appears, enter your application's registration information:
    • Name: Sample Department First Arriving Integration
    • Supported account types: Accounts in this organizational directory only
    • Redirect URI: Blank
  • The client ID and tenant ID is found on the "Overview" page and the client secret is found on the "Certificates & Secrets" page.
  • Go to the "API permissions" page and add the required permissions.
    • For calendar integrations, the Microsoft Graph Calendars.Read and Users.Read.All permissions are required. Note that these should be Microsoft Graph permissions and NOT Exchange permissions. Make sure to use application permissions, NOT delegated permissions.

Example of integration on First Arriving Dashboards