SFTP - Your Data, Visually Appealing (CSV, TXT, XML and More)

Modified on Thu, 23 Jul 2020 at 03:38 PM

First Arriving's Dashboards are able to take your data in just about any format -- any way. 

SFTP is an easy way to get us your information, via automated processes or manually if needed. Our clients have an array of unique needs that we're able to adapt to, presenting the critical information you want in a visually appealing manner for your front line personnel, employees and key stakeholders on our displays.

XML feeds directly are also reliable, fast option to get us all sorts of data to display on your dashboards. 

All files are processed securely.

Have any questions about our FTP and feed-related options? Just open a support ticket or email dashboards@firstarriving.com.

Examples of Data Presentation from Various Sources