API to First Arriving - Getting Started

Modified on Fri, 14 Aug, 2020 at 12:08 PM

API Access

We have a RESTful API in which you can POST or PUT JSON payload requests.  We will create a specific endpoint for your agency based on the integration and provide you a bearer token to be used in the header to make requests. 

Currently we support JSON format for real-time alarm data.  We will be expanding this to support Unit Status as well as XML Format.

Example for Real-Time alarm in JSON format :

POST (or PUT) : https://first-arriving-sample-api.com/endpoint

Content-Type : application/json

Authorization : bearer {token}


  "alert": {

    "id": "123456789",

    "time": 1594926045,

    "alarm": {

      "details": "SAMPLE ALARM DATA",

      "units": "E123,A321,PE123,TGA9",

      "state": "VA",

      "description": "TEST TEST TEST",

      "city": "Ashland",

      "received": "1594926045",

      "lng": -78.4385454,

      "address": "9555 Kings Charter Drive",

      "lat": 37.6920731



  "agency": {

    "name": "FIRST ARRIVING",

    "timezone": "America/New_York",

    "id": 12345



To start the process of sending us data to our RESTful API, please contact dashboards@firstarriving.com