T&D WebStorage - Temperature Monitoring

Modified on Wed, 17 Feb 2021 at 10:37 PM

First Arriving's integration with T&D WebStorage provides a glance of all your critical items that need to be temperature controlled or measured right on your Digital Dashboards. Use T&D WebStorage top report the battery level and temperature of the coolers and your dashboards will let all necessary personnel know the status.

Features Include:

  •   Cooler Status
    • Name of the cooler for reference
    • Battery level Status
      • Color coding available upon request
    • Temperature
      • Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Date and Time of last update

What We Need:

  • Login Username and Password that First Arriving can use
  • API Key for your account, provided by support
  • Please note that Data / API access could be an additional charge by the vendor.  This is determined by the vendor and not by First Arriving.

Example of integration on First Arriving Dashboards