Display Options - What's Best? Size, Placement & Consumer or Commercial TVs?

Modified on Thu, 19 Mar 2020 at 12:33 PM

Selecting the best TV/display for your First Arriving Dashboards has flexible options, including both consumer-grade and commercial-grade large size televisions down to standard computer monitors. Our hardware (Chromebox, Android device, etc.) connects easily to any of these devices with a standard HDMI cord.


For large displays, typically mounted to a wall, most customers utilize a 43" - 55" television or larger size computer monitor if TV placement on a wall isn't available. The size depends on how far up the wall it will be and the overall distance someone would be while looking at it to adequately see the content. See a variety of photos below showing sample placements in facilities. A standard HDTV (1080p) is fine, you do not need a 4K or higher resolution TV.

Commercial vs Consumer Grade TVs

Choosing between Consumer and Commercial grade televisions comes down to price and how/where you're going to utilize it. A commercial grade TV will last longer but could be 50-100% more expensive. And if it's damaged (in an apparatus bay, during training that causes something to hit the screen for example), it's more expensive to replace. 

For office environments, day rooms, classrooms and other more "stable" environments, a commercial grade display may be worth the added expense up front due to it lasting longer and built for a 24/7/365 "on" environment. But consumer TVs can also be very cheap these days and you don't need any crazy specification -- a standard smart TV will do. So replacing it every few years may not be as painful.  

Our recommendation overall is buy what makes sense for your budget, use case and other requirements.

First Arriving can provide quotes on TV/displays, including mounting brackets all the way through white glove install through Best Buy for Business. Contact your First Arriving contact for more information. We are always adding new hardware and display options and will update this page accordingly.

What’s the Difference Between Consumer & Commercial TVs?

  • Warranty – Consumer grade TVs purchased from Amazon or stores typically will not include a warranty for a commercial/non-residential facility.
  • Display Brightness -- Consumer displays generally are designed to work well for lighting conditions that are controlled or somewhat controlled. A commercial grade TV gives you more options to place displays in diverse light conditions.
  • Lifespan -- If the display is planned to be in place for a long time, a commercial display will likely outlast a consumer TV and, in the long run, cost less than a consumer TV (due to the build quality, durability, and other features).
  • Application & Display Options – Commercial displays are intended for uses like First Arriving Dashboards, where the screen is on for long duration (24/7/365), non-standard locations (non-living spaces) and more.  

For more information on the differences, visit https://www.tvspecialists.com/the-difference-between-consumer-commercial-tv-displays/


Windows, Mac & iPad Options

And of course we also have options to use your standard Windows or Mac computer, or iPad to display your dashboards in your station/facility, office, home or on the go. 

Example Display Placements