TargetSolutions Check It™ (also known as Halliganis TargetSolutions’ powerful application designed for total asset management and tracking. Built for public safety agencies, this solution is capable of streamlining apparatus and equipment inspections, tracking service tickets and managing controlled substances. 

First Arriving's integration with TargetSolutions Check It™ (and Halligan) includes:

  • Fleet Status, including unit image, name, status (in/out of service)
  • Overdue Checklists per unit
  • Open Work Orders per unit
  • Additional integration options planned, just ask!
  • Easily share information about in/out of service units with other agencies using First Arriving Dashboards (with permissions)

What You'll Need

  • A Check It or TargetSolutions Check It™ (or Halligan) account
  • We'll request specific information for your integration during the implementation process, including your account information and API Key. These will be provided to you by TargetSolutions Check It™/Halligan.

To learn more about TargetSolutions Check It™, please visit or request a free demo here:

First Arriving Screenshots with TargetSolutions Check It™ & Halligan