First Arriving's integration with Google Slides is an online presentation that can easily be fed to your dashboards!  This is a blank canvas that you can use to communicate anything you can think of, and will be presented on your dashboards the same way it is on the presentation.  

Features Include:

  • Chose how many slides you'd like to view and how long you'd like each to show
  • Use this as full-screen or half-screen (combined with other content)
  • Some agencies use this for :
    • Pictures of a structure fire recently dispatched to.
    • Headshot images of newly hired staff and volunteers, along with bio.
    • Situational information, such as Covid-19 pandemic.

What We Need:

  • Simply let us know! 
  • A gmail or Google-based email address to share the Slide Presentation with.  
    • You can have a Department-wide account that is a master, or you can require users who will be updating info get their own.
    • Clicking this link will show you how to use your own email address to be used with Google Apps if not gmail.

Example of integration on First Arriving Dashboards