Managing Google Slide Timing on Dashboards

Modified on Wed, 28 Jun 2023 at 03:30 PM

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With Google Slide Management within the Portal, you are able to swap out existing slideshows as well as manage the time in which your slides rotate. This will allow you to display up to 15 slides before your presentation moves on to the next item on your dashboard. This dynamic management prevents the slides from starting over or ending before it displays all slides. 

Click on Google Slides - 

Click on Edit

You can edit the name of the slides if you wish.

The URL of the presentation can also up swapped out if need be. 

If you swap out the presentation, you need to ensure that you share the new one with

This will allow you to determine how often the slides within the Google Slide Presentation rotate. It is a global change, meaning that all of your Google slides will change at the interval selected. No more than 90 seconds is recommended. 

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