Vector Check It™ and Halligan – Fleet Equipment and Asset Management

Modified on Fri, 22 Mar at 1:07 PM

Vector CheckIt (also known as Halliganis Vector Solution’s powerful application designed for total asset management and tracking. Built for public safety agencies, this solution is capable of streamlining apparatus and equipment inspections, tracking service tickets, and managing controlled substances. 

First Arriving's integration with Vector Check It™ (and Halligan) includes:

  • Fleet/Apparatus Status, including unit image, name, status (in/out of service)
  • Equipment Status, which includes Name, Make/Model, Status, Inspection Status
  • Overdue Checklists per unit
  • Open Work Orders per unit
  • Additional integration options planned, just ask!
  • Easily share information about in/out of service units with other agencies using First Arriving Dashboards (with permissions)

What You'll Need

  • A Check It or Vector Check It™ (or Halligan) account
      1. Create a new account within Vector Check-It specifically for First Arriving

      2. In a private / incognito browser window, log into Vector Check-It

      3. In the same window, visit for US clients or for Canadian clients.

      4. Follow on-screen instructions and provide us with the token generated.

      5. IMPORTANT: Close the incognito window where you have logged into Check-It and do not log into your First Arriving Check-It account again unless you need to generate another token.

      6. IMPORTANT: Do not delete the account you setup for First Arriving 

      7. Once you have the API key, simply send it back here or create a new ticket by emailing it to  Make sure to include your department name as well.

  • Please note that Data / API access could be an additional charge by the vendor.  This is determined by the vendor and not by First Arriving.

To learn more about Vector Check It™, please visit or request a free demo here:

First Arriving Screenshots with Vector Check It™ & Halligan