Active911 API Token Instructions

Modified on Tue, 1 Dec, 2020 at 9:49 AM

Enabling First Arriving Integration within your Active911 account

The integration with Active911 real-time alarms is a simple process!  The below process is required for all users that want to have real-time alarms enabled on their dashboards.

  1. Login to your Active911 account with admin access
  2. Click on Agency
  3. Scroll down to bottom of page until you see Integrations.  Click on Add New Integration


       4. Under Service, click Select an Integration and select First Arriving and add it


       5. Click on Agency Tab.

       6. At the top of the Agency Tab, you will see Alert Email.  


       7. The first part of that email contains numbers, which is your Agency ID number. 

       8. Send that number to your implementation specialists or respond to the development ticket you have open (if applicable).  

**The below steps are only for customers that wish to show one or more of the following**

  • Hydrant data from Active911
  • Personnel responding to incident
  • Recent Alarms with or without map

If you need a new Active911 token or if your current token has expired, you'll see "No API Access" under the Agency tab. In order to generate a new API token, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to with admin username and password

2. Once logged in, open a new browser window and copy/paste this URL in address bar :

3. Select your agency in the drop-down menu and click Submit

4. Click Yes to authorize use of the API Key.

5. Copy and paste the API key and send it to:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We are more than happy to assist

If the API token has not expired, you'll be able to just renew it, which will be good for another 365 days. Here's how to Renew:

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on the Agency Tab

3. You should see two API tokens. One that expires tomorrow and one that expires in the coming days.

4. Click "renew" for the token that shows a "Renew" button option. PLEASE NOTE: In order to confirm that renewal was successful, please reload the browser page to confirm expiration is 1 year from current date

5. Once renewed, email us back at and let us know your department name and the date renewed so that we can update our records.