Sending Messages to Dashboard

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb, 2023 at 4:05 PM

User Guide for Messaging

The Digital Dashboard Portal will allow customers to send out messages to their dashboards. The interface is user friendly and intuitive while allowing the freedom to take control of the messages that are shown on the boards. They can be immediately shown or can be scheduled to show at a specific time or interval-- allowing more flexibility to show pertinent information on your boards quickly and easily. 


About the Messages Home Page

Create a New Message

1. Click on 'New Message' under Schedule a Message on the home page

You can also do so from the 'messaging' page by clicking 'Add Message'

2. Name your message

NOTE: This section does not reflect on your dashboards.  This is so you can edit the entry at a later date if you wish and simply re-schedule it.  

  • Example : Road Closure

You can use that message every time a new Road Closure is made aware to your department and simply edit the Content section and change the scheduled date and time

3. Select when you'd like your message to appear on your dashboard 


When you select 'schedule', you'll be presented with options as to the frequency of how often you'd like the message to display. 

Days will allow you to select the day of the week you'd like the message to run on. You can select multiple days in which you want the message to show.

You can also choose simply to show the message for all the days within the date range select

Date range will show the message on the selected days. So, for example, if you select to show the message on Monday for a three week period, the message will run at the designated time each Monday within the range, 

You will be able to select the time you want the message to show. If you'd like to select multiple times in which the message shows, simply add an additional time range for the message. 

Show now

4. Select your location that the message will appear on the dashboard.

Examples of the locations are shown below

Full Screen 



When selecting 'Full Screen', you'll be given the option on which layout to use. 

Image on left with text to the right

Image on right with text to the left

Image to the top with text to the bottom. 

5. Select Background color and Headline color

6. Type your message content

 The message is different from the headline. The headline is bold to catch the eye, to make sure the reader looks to see what the content it. The default text color is black, but you can change it to see fit. Remember to pick high contrasting colors to optimize the effectiveness of the message. The content box is a common text editor box, so you can format it with italics, bolding and more. 


We recommend keeping the message short and to-the-point

7. Select your agency

If you are an administrator for multiple agencies, you can send messages to a single agency or multiple.

8. Select Devices

You can select which device you'd specifically like to send your messages to, or you can select 'All Devices'.

9. Save your message

'Save and back' will either send the message or will save it for its scheduled time. 'Save and new item' will save it and automatically allow you to create a new message. 'Cancel' takes you to the messaging main page

Deleting a message

Messages can be deleted from the main messaging page, however you can also use your messages like a template in which you can easily edit the data within to send it out as needed.  You may wish to edit the name of the message when using this technique to keep track of the date the message was last sent.