Digital Dashboard Portal - User Creation and Agency Admins

Modified on Wed, 17 Nov, 2021 at 2:20 PM

Agency Admin

The Agency Admin within your organization should be the highest user, someone who will be managing every aspect of the digital dashboard portal. This user will have all available permission given to them by default, with the added ability to create other users and give them permissions as well. The agency admin has access to all devices, messages, and videos. Any users who need that ability should be set as an agency admin.

The default permissions within this set are –

  • Edit Device Name
  • Manage Messages
  • Manage Videos
  • Override Schedule

Permissions and User Creation

Understanding what each permission will allow users to do is critical as you look to adding in users to the portal. The functionality of each is outlined below.

  • Edit Device Name- Allows the user to change the name of your devices. With the serial number as a hardcoded part of the portal, you can easily move devices to different locations without reaching out to support to change the name. We do recommend naming the device with the location (Kitchen, Bay, Break Room) so that it can be easily recognized by the support team if a device-specific ticket is created by someone who isn’t as familiar with the devices.
  • Manage Users - allows the user to create and delete users, as well as manage their permissions once created.
  • Manage Devices - This allows the user to manage devices. This does not give the ability to delete devices. 
  • Override Schedule - Allows users to send a message or video over other content. If a message is currently playing, it would show any message or video set for the same time by users with this permission to display. Gives priority to anyone with this permission, but only if messages or videos overlap.
  • View Only Licenses - See any licenses (Note, licenses are not currently utilized within the Portal)
  • Manage Messages - Allows the user to create, edit and delete messages
  • Register DevicesAllows users to potentially register devices.
  • Update Devices - Allow users to change dashboard name and the dashboard that is currently displayed on that specific device.
  • Manage VideosAllows users to create, edit and delete videos.
  • List Devices - Allows users to view the devices within an organization. If a user is limited to specific devices, then they will only see those specific devices they have permission to control.

Agencies – If, as an Agency admin, you have access to multiple agencies, you’ll be able to assign an agency to a user.

Devices – If you wish to limit a user’s access to only specific devices, you can select which devices a user has access to here. If you wish to give them access to all devices, you can select that option instead.