Portal - User Import Guide

Modified on Fri, 03 Feb 2023 at 05:14 PM

Your First Arriving representative will send you the spreadsheet for uploading your users into Portal. This bulk upload must be completed by your First Arriving representative. You can create users individually as members are added and removed within your organization. 

All that is needed to create the users is to fill out the following - 



User Role

When choosing the User Roles, you'll want to base your choice on the permissions you'd like the user to have. Keep in mind you can always add more permissions on top of the ones the system adds by default. 

Agency Admin - This should be limited to those who need to have full access to the system. 

Intranet Manager - This should be limited to users you'd like to have full access to add content into the Portal. 

Dashboard Manager - This should be limited to users that you'd like to be able to change device names and send videos and messages.

End User - All other users should be given this user role. This limits them to view only permissions

The system will make the passwords for the users, so once you've given access to the end users, make sure they use the 'forgot password' functionality to set their password for the first time.