Creating Access Roles for Google Groups

Modified on Wed, 24 Jan 2018 at 09:24 PM

Here's a handy guide to creating different user roles for your Google Groups.

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1. Login to

2, Select "Groups"

3. Select the Group you want to manage

4. Select "Access Settings"

5. On the left you should see a "Roles" link

6. From here you can edit your existing roles (typically Owner, Manager and Member) or CREATE A NEW ONE to go fully custom. You can create many additional roles. For the default roles, an Owner has full permission, a Manager can do everything but delete the group or make themselves the Owner, and a Member is a regular user. You can customize those existing default roles as needed by checking the box and editing Permissions there.

7. If you CREATE A NEW ROLE, add some details about it.

7. Then Add/Edit the Permissions for that Role, Save and You're All Set!