Changing WiFi Networks - Chromebit/Chromebox

Modified on Tue, 11 Aug 2020 at 11:21 AM

It is possible that your WiFi network password will change from time to time.  The process to change this is the same as when you first received your device.  Steps to complete this are below : 

STEP 1— Plug USB Keyboard (not included) into your Chromebit or Chromebox.


STEP 2— Plug the HDMI cable (included) into both the Chromebit or Chromebox and your display. Attach the antennas to your Chromebox for better Wi-Fi signal if applicable for your Chromebox.


STEP 3— Turn TV on and switch TV to display appropriate HDMI input.


STEP 4— Connect Chromebit/Chromebox to power using the included power supply.


STEP 5— While Chromebit/Chromebox is starting up, press CTRL+ALT+S repeatedly on connected keyboard until you see the Chrome OS Home Screen. 

If you are prompted to connect to the Internet, skip to step 8.


STEP 6— Navigate to the timestamp (lower right corner) using the TAB key on your keyboard.


STEP 7— Hit ENTER to access the menu, use the Arrow keys to navigate to network settings.  By default it will display “No network”


STEP 8— Select your WiFi network and enter the password to connect


PLEASE NOTE: Make sure the Wifi network provides direct Internet access to ensure proper functionality. If the SSID of the network is not publicly visible, please choose “Select other network” to connect manually.


STEP 9— After connecting successfully, navigate to Apps in the bottom left of the screen using the Tab key, press Enter twice to start the TelemetryTV / First Arriving app.