News: Adding Tiled Galleries to News Post

Modified on Wed, 2 Jan, 2019 at 10:48 AM

When you have several images that you would like to add to a news story, we recommend using the tiled galleries feature.  This allows for a nice, responsive layout of your images within the news story page.  Below you will find instructions on how to add this feature to your news stories.  This functionality also exists in all other content types as well: Pages, Fleet, Team, Etc.

Once you have written the story, now it's time to add the corresponding images.

Step 1: Set the Location of your Gallery

Run your mouse cursor to the location within the news story you would like your gallery to display.  Tiled Galleries are often added at the bottom of the story.  No matter where you put it, there should be at least one paragraph spacing above and below the gallery location.

Step 2: Click Add Media

Once the cursor is in the position within the page you want the gallery to display, click "Add Media"

Note: We are not clicking the "Add Gallery" button with the green leaf.

Step 3: Select Click Gallery

Now click on "Create Gallery" from the newly opened window.  This will open up your existing media library where you can see all images.

Step 4: Select the Images You Want Included

If the images have already been uploaded, you can simply single click on the images you would like to include in the gallery (images with the check mark will be included into the gallery).  If the images have not been uploaded yet to the media gallery, simply click the "Upload Files" tab and select the images you have stored in your computers appropriate file directory.

Note: Any images you upload at the time of creating the gallery will be automatically checked when they are finished loading into the websites back-end.

Step 5: Click Create Gallery

Once you have all the images checked that you want included into the gallery, click on the blue "Create a New Gallery" button.

Optional Steps: Moving, Deleting and Captioning

You can change the image order by simply clicking/holding an image and dragging it to the desired position.  You can delete an image from the gallery by clicking on the "X" located in the top right of the image.  You can add a caption to the images by typing in the area beneath the image labeled "Caption this image".  If you would like to add another image(s), click the "Add to Gallery" text in the left hand size of the box, and follow Step 4 to add.

Step 6: Change the Gallery Settings

The gallery settings should be the following:

  1. Link to Dropdown: Media File
  2. Type: Tiled Mosaic
  3. Size Dropdown: Large

Step 7: Insert Your Gallery

Click the blue "Insert Gallery" button to include the gallery to your News post

Step 8: Your Images Should be Viewable in The Body of The News Post

After clicking "Insert Gallery" you will be taken back to the Edit/Create News Post Screen.  If you've done everything right, you should see all of the images you wanted in the gallery showing up exactly where you want it to show up.

Note: The edit screen does not show the actual orientation of your images, to see how your gallery will actually look, click the "Preview" button in the top right portion of the "Publish" box.  This will open up the post so you can see how your gallery will actually render.

Final: Everything Looks Good & You're Ready to Publish or Send for Review

After you preview your stellar work, now it's time to publish the news post, or send post for review depending on your organizations workflow.  Just like any news story, when you are happy with it, go ahead and click the publish or send for review button.